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Animation a gate (a part 1) (Eng)

 In this text "a structure" means "a texture"!    

      I suggest to begin acquaintance to animation in Trainz with the simple task - animation a collar. I found a similar lesson once on site Auran, there it was a question of moving. The primary goal to understand main principles of animation. On the basis of this lesson you can create other, more difficult objects in which it is possible to use animation, for example depot, moving, the industry etc.

      I will count a lesson on absolutely green users. So those who already has an operational experience in Max, can pass the first part in which we will be engaged in modelling.

       I do not apply for absolute true at creation of the given lesson. Probably, you can reach result and other ways, using any other principles of modelling or applying other software.

       That it is required to us:

 1. Max 8

2. Max 5 (if at you Max given version has no glitch at texturing can do without 8 versions)

3. Photoshop - any version (I use the seven)

4. Plug-ins from Auran for Trainz under Max 4 (it is a plug-in, instead of for 6 versions as this exports animation. Plug-ins can be found on a site www.auran.com)

5. Textures

6. It is a little time and desire.

     It is assured, that 90 % of success low poly models, as a rule, bear on themselves textures. Therefore try to create this or that model only when you will have qualitative textures on hands. It is possible to do textures, and it is possible to take advantage of a world wide web. We will go the second by. On a site <http://www.cgtextures.com/> we find the texture which has liked us of gate and concrete (for support of gate). I have stopped on this: <http://www.cgtextures.com/texview.php? id=776&s=S&PHPSESSID=fc653243d30b32b8525249992a1670af .


       In a case with this texture, we do not need to search for a concrete texture separately, we can use already available walls.

       At once we will be defined with the size and type of opening of our gate. We will have gate with the sizes of a shutter 2,5х3 metre, with two shutters, with classical opening, with support in the form of two concrete columns of square section.

        We prepare textures. Here it is possible to go two ways:

 1. To make one structure on object, in our case it is not required to us of additional actions on gathering of textures in one file.

 2. To make some separate textures for shutters and support different files.

 In our case, we should cut out textures from the given file.

        We will go on the first way as in this case we will receive a prize in weight of files of textures and quantity of files to loading in memory of a video card.

       As in game the given gate will be visible both from apart, and at a short distance, the compromise between quality and productivity we will have textures the permission 256х128. Our file with textures already has expansion jpg, i.e. is already compressed, therefore I offer it and to leave, not converting a texture in a format tga.

       Let's open a texture Photoshop th and we will cut off all superfluous c help Crop Tool.


       Now we will look the permission and the sizes of the received picture. We come into menu Image - further Image size and in the opened table we check the sizes and the permission. At me it has turned out here so:


       The permission it is established as 72 pixels on inch (the monitor permission). My file had this permission, thus width of a file left just in 256 points.

       I needed to correct height with 145 to 128, having cleaned preliminary a tick with Constrain Proportion. Be convinced, that the file has RGB a format, instead of CMYK, having come in menu Mode. The texture is ready. We keep it.

       Here a total kind:


       Further it is required to us Max, me 8 as 5 at me not correctly displays textures at texturing. If at you such problems are not present, use at once 5.

       We open Max and modelling our gate, preliminary having established system of units as metric (Customize - Unite Setup). It is required to us only two boxings. At first model a goal mouth. For this purpose in menu Crate we choose bookmark Standard Primitive (costs by default), further Box and in the front view (front) we create boxing, simply holding the left button of the mouse and moving it. Create while conditional boxing. Further, we allocate boxing with a mouse and we come into menu Modify and, in a roll of parametres we establish the sizes of our shutter: Length - 3,0 m. Width - 2,5 m. Height - 0,06 m. It will be ours height, width and depth accordingly.


       Further we will create boxing for a rack under the above-stated scheme, but with the sizes: Length - 3,5 m. Width - 0,2 m. Height - 0,2 m.

       Let's place our two objects concerning the beginning of co-ordinates and each other, simply moving their mouse in the projection necessary to us, considering earth level (on a mark 0) and that shutters of gate should be above this level on 30-40 see for a rail which at us will settle down under them.

       Here, that should turn out:


       Actually, that's all, the second part of gate we is simple clone mirror, but hardly later.

       Now we will impose textures, to begin with, on shutters. Allocate boxing of a shutter of gate and, having pressed the right button of the mouse on any of projections, in the appeared menu choose point Hide Unselected, it is necessary that we were not stirred by our rack when we will be texturing a shutter (basically, it. We go to roll Map, we press menu Material Editor (button M) to do a button, where the name of a file with a texture (now there none not necessarily as the model simple, but in more difficult models is function to you very much it is useful). Further we choose basically) which concerns point Diffuse Color should be specified. In the opened new menu we choose the very first point Bitmap, we click two times with a mouse, further we specify a way to a texture file. Preliminary, it is desirable to create a separate folder where you will keep a file with a texture, an initial file and files for export in Trainz.


       Further in Material editor it is chosen in the menu located at once under the panel of a kind of materials, button Assign Material to Selection and it is pressed it, then in the same place, but more to the right, we press - Show map in viewport. All it is done having convinced, that our shutter is allocated (is painted in white colour). The shutter should become painted in our structure:


       We need to modify structure position on a shutter. For this purpose we come into menu Modify, preliminary having allocated our shutter. In roll Modify list we choose modifier Unwrap UVW. Further we develop a dagger-subsection in front of the modifier, we leave on subtotal Face, we allocate the surface necessary to us, we press button Edit. In the appeared menu in the right top corner in a revealing field it is chosen our card.


       Then, by means of navigation buttons in the left top corner of kind Edit UVW it is adjusted our plane to the size of a shutter on a structure. Also we look, that has turned out in projection Perespective (what to see a structure on object simply clean surface allocation, having pressed once again on subtotal Face):


       It is necessary to check up that the structure has laid down correctly. In case of what again press subtotal Face and edit surface position on a structure. Now the same we will do with shutter end faces to clean on corners our concrete.



       At work with end faces, probably, places require to turn an edited surface on 90 degrees.

       Having finished with a shutter, we close menu Edit UVW, we activate pressing by the right button of the mouse any projection of the menu and we press on Unhide all, displaying concealment objects, in our case - a rack. Texturing under the same scheme our rack, but using that part where the wall on our structure is located painted.

       Can even rendering turned out model:


       Now it is possible to do the second part of gate. It is for this purpose allocated both our boxings, further we press Ctr+V or we move the mouse with pressed Shift, in the appeared window we put a tick on Copy. Further we come into menu Tools, we press Mirror, at me left on an axis X. Further simply we put the second part of gate on the place. On it it would be possible to finish modelling, but the second shutter of gate it is necessary for realness texturing separately, after all our structure contains both shutters. You already know, how it to do.

       Here definitive result:



      Continuation see the Part 2.


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1 DonZer   [Материал]
Hello Neoklai,
Great idea to write this lession. I´ll post the link to this lession on the TrainzDepot tomorrow. It is very interesting.


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